Here’s how you can make a batch of these in no time at all!

Supplies –

  • DAS Clay {air drying}
  • Stamps
  • doTERRA Essential Oils
  • Hemp Cord
  • Lava Beads
  • Water
  • Rolling Pin
  • Large Bottle Cap
  • Straw
  • Let’s get started by grabbing a handful of clay and adding a little water to make it moist as you roll it into a ball.  Kinda messy, but fun.
  • Plop it down on a wood cutting board {used for crafts} and roll it out flat with a wooden rolling pin.  Make it pretty close to the thickness that you want because it doesn’t shrink much as it dries.
Aromatherapy Necklace Tutorial using doTERRA -
  • Take a bottle cap and use it to cut out circles.  I tried two slightly different sizes.  Then remove the excess clay.
  • Use these fabulous stamps to add a little something special! Push down firmly as evenly as possible to get a clean imprint. 
  • You can wipe the edges with water to make them as smooth as you like.
  • Let them dry. You can follow the directions on the packaging
Create an aromatherapy necklace on
  • Cut the hemp cord to length {I made these long} and tie on the clay charm.
The Best Beads for Aromatherapy Jewelry -
  • Then slide one of these beautiful Lava beads over both strands of cord and tie another knot.

Let me just take a moment to talk about these beads!  They are Lava Beads and perfect for any of your aromatherapy jewellery making fun.  You can apply oil right to the bead.  They are pretty cheap and you get a whole strand.  This isn’t the last project you’ll see with these beads.  They rock!

DIY doTERRA Essential Oil Aromatherapy Necklace - Tutorial on

That’s it!  Now, you have to try one out!

DIY Essential Oil Necklace - Aromatherapy Jewelry Gift -

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils! You can mix them or just use one.


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