Now, let’s have some fun making a cute little felt strawberry patch!

Felt Strawberry DIY Patch Pattern -

Download and print out this free pdf pattern…DIY Felt Flair Strawberry Iron On Patch.


  • Felt Sheets – Red and Green
  • Embroidery Thread – Red, brown,
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Heat and Bond – Ultra Hold
  • Canvas Duck Cloth
  • Parchment Paper
  • Micro-Tip Scissors will make your life better!
  • Iron
Felt DIY Iron On Patch - Cut out pattern -

Step 1

Cut out your strawberry pattern pieces.  Start by holding the strawberry base on red felt and simply cut around it.

You do not need to cut it perfectly because you’ll have a chance to trim it up before you’re done.

DIY Iron On Patch - Cut out two -

Cut out two strawberries.

DIY Patch Making -

Cut out one of the stem and leaves.

Felt Pattern Pieces - DIY Iron On Patch - Felt Flair by Kimberly Layton

Simple, right?

Felt Flair by Kimberly Layton - Strawberry DIY Iron On Patch

Step 2

Now cut about 12 inches of black embroidery thread.  Separate out 3 strands…there are 6 to start with.  Just pull the strand apart slowly or you will find that it knots up.

Felt Flair - In progress -

Step 3

You will only be working with the top layer of the strawberry for now.

Use three strand of black embroidery floss and backstitches to create triangle shape eyes {just fill them in} and a mouth.

Tie a knot and trim it on the back.

Stitching Felt Flair - DIY Iron On Patch -

Step 4

Cut 12” of brown embroidery thread and use all of them to create seeds.  Just add random stitches like you see on the example.

Tie an knot and trim the thread.

Strawberry DIY Iron On Patch - Everything Etsy

Step 5

Now place the leaves/stem piece in between the two strawberry layers.  Keep it very close to the top.

Strawberry DIY Patch - Felt Flair by Kimberly Layton

Step 6

Cut 12” of red embroidery floss. Separate out 2 strands to use.

Use a running stitch to combine all the layers together.  Start stitching at the top and work your way around.

Tie and knot and trim the thread on the back.

Making an Iron On Patch - Felt Flair Design -

Step 7

Now, cut a small square of Heat and Bond and canvas duck cloth.

DIY - Felt Flair Strawberry

Use the strawberry pattern to cut out the strawberry shape.  Trim it a bit more so it’s well inside the strawberry.  You do not want it to hang over the sides anywhere or it will make a sticky mess.

DIY Iron On Patch - Felt Flair Strawberry by Kimberly Layton

Step 8

Peel away both sides of the Heat and Bond and place it back on the strawberry back.  Then stack the canvas right on top of it.

stack it

Looks good, right?

iron it

Step 9

Gently place a piece of parchment paper on top of everything.  Iron it according to the directions on your Heat and Bond.  It should be less than 15 seconds.

Try not to move the iron around too much or you will make the layers slide around out of place.

heat and bond it

It’s looking great!  One more step!

last stack

Step 10

Cut out one more layer of Heat and Bond.  Trim it to match the canvas and peel away one side.

Stack it with the sticky side down!

iron it together

Add the parchment paper and iron it together again.


Let it cool completely.

Peel off the backing and you have a patch.

It’s not super sticky to the touch, but it will iron on anything now!

Add it to a jean jacket, hat or backpack.

Iron it on your jacket

Step 11

Place the patch on your jacket, cover it with parchment paper and iron it on according to the directions.

DIY Iron On Patch - - Felt Flair Strawberry by Kimberly Layton

There ya go!  Isn’t that fun?!


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